If your license server has no outbound communication with Internet, you will have to perform a manual / offline activation to activate the product key. (If you have intermittent Internet access on the server, see Important Note at the bottom first.)

  1. If the license server was already installed on the computer, make sure to stop the license server service beforehand:
    • Start menu > Run: Services.msc
    • Locate the license server service and stop it if it is running
    • The license server service should contain the name of the product.
      Example: "Dangerous Goods Regulations 58th Edition floating license server"
  2. Open a CMD window (DOS) with Run as administrator.
  3. Navigate ('cd' command) to the license server install folder.
  4. Run the following command:
    • TurboFloatServer.exe -a="ProductKey” -areq="Input"
      • Replace 'ProductKey' with your own product key (7x4 characters)
      • Replace 'Input' with the folder and filename for the XML file that will be generated.

      • Example:
        TurboFloatServer.exe -a="1234-ABCD-1234-ABCD-1234-ABCD-1234" -areq="C:\Temp\ActivationRequest.xml"

  5. Bring the ActivationRequest.xml file to a computer with an internet connection.
  6. On the computer with internet, visit our manual activation portal, here: https://pubdownload.iata.org/ManualActivation.aspx
  7. Click the ‘Browse’ button to select the XML file.
  8. Click the ‘Process activation request’ button.
  9. Click "Download the Activation Response XML file to complete your activation", and save the ActivationResponse.xml file.
  10. Bring back the ActivationResponse.xml file to the license server machine.
  11. Back in the admin CMD window, run the following command:
    • TurboFloatServer.exe -a="ProductKey" -aresp="Input"
      • Replace 'ProductKey' with your own product key
      • Replace 'Input' with the folder and filename where you saved the ActivationResponse.xml file
  12. The license server should now be activated.
  13. Restart the license server service.
  14. If the service has not yet been installed, run the following command from the same CMD admin window:
    • InstallTFSServer.bat

To verify the activation status of the license server, review the license server log file. Beginning with the most recent log entries, at the bottom of the list, look for message related to activation. (Example: "<notification>: Activated successfully.")

By default, the log file is saved to: "C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\IATA\License Server\PRODUCT-tfs-log.txt", but if the log file location and name have been changed, you can find the location under the <log file> attribute, in the TurboFloatServer-config.xml file (found in the floating license server installation folder.)

Important note with the offline activation:

If a host computer is expected to have intermittent internet access, do NOT use offline activation.

The reason is as follows: the license server will attempt to validate periodically with IATA's activation server, regardless of the mode of activation. If offline/manual activation was used and the license server is able to validate later with the activation server, the activation mode will switch to online mode, and validation may then fail if the computer later doesn't have internet access.

In this situation, we recommend you always leave the computer without Internet access, or block the process "TurboFloatServer.exe" from ever accessing the Internet with local security, such as a firewall.

If you require further assistance, submit a New support ticket. Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Product name and Edition
  • Product Key
  • Type of issue: Activation issues
  • Any relevant error message

If you already have an open ticket, click on Check ticket status and add a note to let us know that you require further assistance.


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