Invalid redemption codeCode already redeemed

Redemption code has already been used


Code has been redeemed

  • Commonly caused by redeeming the code to your account, but using a different email address to log into bookshelf than the one used when the code was originally redeemed.
    • Make sure you use the email address that was used to redeem the code.

Redemption code is invalid.

  • It is not a VitalSource Bookshelf code;
  • Code was typed incorrectly;
  • Code is not assigned to an eTextbook (Please contact support for assistance.)
    • Make sure your VitalSource Bookshelf code contains EXACTLY 20 mixed letters and numbers;
    • Otherwise submit a ticket as per instructions below.

If the issue persists, please submit a request for assistance via the IATA Customer Portal. Provide the following information:

  • Name of the publication;
  • Redemption code which can't be redeemed.
  • Platform:
    • Bookshelf Online (specify browser;)
    • Bookshelf app (specify operating system: Windows, macOS, iOS or Android;)
  • A brief description of the issue, including any relevant error message;
  • The name of the device(s) on which the product has been activated, and the email address that was used.

Someone will contact you within one business day.