If you have recently downloaded Bookshelf to a new computer but already have an existing account all you will need to do is sign in with your existing email and password. All your books, notes, and highlights will be present on your new computer when you sign in.

*An internet connection is required for this process

  1. Open Bookshelf and Sign In

    Simply sign in with the email address and password of your existing account.
    Sign in 

  2. Download Book List and Annotations

    Your book list, notes, and highlights will download to your computer. Please note that your download time will depend on how many notes and highlights you have along with the speed of your internet connection at the time.
    Download book list 

  3. Download Your eTextbooks

    While your book list will transfer to your new device, your books are not automatically downloaded. After your book list downloads you will be asked if you want to start to download your books. Press Download if you wish to download all books, or Download Later if you wish to install books individually at a later time
    Download new books

If you are activating a new computer or mobile device, but receive the error message: "You have Reached your Machine Activation Limit" you will need to deauthorize an older computer or mobile device in order to activate a new one. Please consult the following support article for instructions:

Managing Machine Activation Limits