When using a download link that you received by email, you might get the following error message:


A serious error occurred. Download may not work

A serious error occured

This means the download link URL has been modified from the original; it may have been truncated by your email software (such as after a line break), or some characters were skipped or mistyped if copy-pasted or manually typed to the address bar.

Additionally, if you have security software with a URL scanner function, such as Mimecast or Symantec One-Click, this function may have modified the URL, which can disable it the download link.

To resolve this issue: Make sure the download link is fully hyperlinked and has no spaces in it, or copy-paste the entire link into your browser's address bar.

If you do have a URL scanner such as Mimecast or Symantec One-Click, you will need to ask your system administrator to add an exception for the address noreply@cargo-download.iata.org in order to prevent it from modifying the URL, but you will have to request a new link from our Download Center, as per the instructions in the support article below:

Download instructions