IATA Reader

The IATA Reader has replaced our legacy publications starting in 2017. The IATA Reader only needs to be installed once, after which you only have to download your purchased documents (e.g.: DGR EN 59th.mirdoc) and add them to your Library.

The IATA Reader can be downloaded for free from our Download Center: https://cargo-download.iata.org 

  • On the left side, select "IATA Reader for Windows".
  • Under Step 1, enter your email address and click the "Get Download link" button. You will receive a download link for the IATA Reader installer.

Please note that [Microsoft .NET Framework 4] is required for the IATA Reader to work. For Windows 8 users and up, this should already be installed by default, but Windows XP or Windows 7 users will have to install the Microsoft component before using the IATA Reader.

You can download the component directly from Microsoft: [Windows XP/7/8/10

** Please note that administrator rights are required to install this component.

Once the IATA Reader is installed, it will be able to open the publication modules (.mirdoc files), which must be downloaded separately.

You should have received an email containing a download link for the purchased publication. If the link is valid it will download the publication module (.mirdoc file). Double-click this file to add it to the library. Follow the activation instructions that follow. Once the product is activated, you will not need the .mirdoc file anymore, as the publication must now be accessed from within the IATA Reader library.

Legacy publications (pre-2017)

  1. To install a legacy publication (released before 2017) for the Current User, simply double-click the setup file.
    Note: To install for All Users, right-click the setup file and choose Run as administrator. You may need to ask your IT department for assistance.
  2. For the best experience, we advise you to keep the default installation folder location:
    • The default installation folder for the Current User is C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\IATA\
      (Where "username" is the current user's Windows account name)
    • The default installation folder for All Users is: C:\Program Files (x86)\IATA\
  3. The legacy publications require the presence of [Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework]. Some legacy publiations (e.g. DGR, LAR, PCR editions prior to 2017) also require the [Microsoft Access Database Engine 2007]. If one or both components are not already installed, the setup process should prompt for their installation.
    Note: Installation of these components requires administrator access on the local computer.
  4. After the setup completes, a desktop icon will be created, e.g. "DGR 58th (2017)".
  5. Launch the IATA application via the desktop icon, or from the following location:
    Start menu > Programs > IATA > Product Name
  6. Upon first launching the application, a Product Activation dialog will open. The IATA application must be activated before it can be used. Follow the instructions an use the product key you received with the IATA application setup to activate the product.