If you can't activate your product, whether because your network requires proxy credentials to connect to the Internet, or the activation process (TurboActivate) was blocked by a local user policy, you can always try to do a manual activation:

  1. To begin the activation process, double click on the publication in question. This will prompt you to activate the product. Click Next.

  2. Enter your Email Address and click Next 

  3. Click "No" when prompted for special proxy credentials.

    Proxy credentials

  4. Click Next, then Next again.
  5. Click Activate.
  6. Select the 4th option: "Other options..."

    Other options

  7. Click on "Manually activate"...

    Manually activate

  8. Enter the product key. If the key was already entered in a previous activation attempt on this computer, it may skip to step 9.
  9. Select "Save the Activation Request file" and save it to your Desktop. This will save the file "ActivationRequest.xml"

    Save the Activation Request file

  10. While keeping the product activation panel open, go to our Manual Activation page at:
  11. Upload the ActivationRequest.XML file you just saved, then click on Process activation request. 
    NoteIf you see the message "Activation in a virtual environment" please go here  for the solution.
  12. Select the option "Download the Activation Response XML file". This will save the file "ActivationResponse.xml" to your the specified folder.
    Download the Activation Response XML file
  13. Return to the product activation panel, and this time select the 2nd option "Open the Activation Response file".

    Open the Activation Response file

  14. Select the file "ActivationResponse.xml" which you just saved, and this should complete the offline activation.

If you get the error message that the file is invalid, make sure to review the instructions above, and that you uploaded the ActivationRequest.xml file to the website, and opened the ActivationResponse.xml file from the activation panel, and not the other way around.

**If you used the proper files both times, your default browser may modify XML file during the Upload / Download steps. Try to use a different browser, and repeat the instructions starting from Step 11.