IATA Reader publications (2017+)

When an update is available for an IATA Reader publication, a green arrow will appear on the lower right of the product panel in My Library:

Update icon

When you open the publication, you will be prompted if you want to update it now or later.

Update available

Choosing “Download and Install” will start the update process, after which the updated document will open. If you choose “Do not update at this time” the document will open without the updated content. You can always update it later.

If you get an error message, you may have local security blocking the automatic download (firewall / proxy credentials required). The following sites are contacted during the Download / Update process, and you can add exceptions to the firewall to allow communication:

  • iata.org
  • cargo-download.iata.org
  • pubdownload.iata.org
  • wyUpdate.googlecode.com
  • wyday.com

If this is not possible, it may be easier to request a download link for the up-to-date publication module (.mirdoc file), as per the instructions below, which will overwrite the current publication with the updated version.

Alternate / manual download method:

  1. Go to our Download Center (https://cargo-download.iata.org)
  2. Select the appropriate publication from the list (make sure you select the same language version you purchased)
  3. Enter your product key
  4. Enter the email address where to send the download link

You will receive a download link for the publication module (.mirdoc file), which should come from the address noreply@cargo-download.iata.org. If you don't receive this email shortly after requesting the download link, make sure it hasn't been blocked by your company's spam filters. Your system administrator will be able to check the filters and whitelist the address above, and unblock the emails that were filtered.

Once the .mirdoc file is downloaded, you can double-click it. You will get a message saying the publication is already installed, and if you want to overwrite it. Select Yes.

IATA Reader application update

Occasionally, the IATA Reader may be updated to fix technical issues or provide new functionality. This is a separate process than the publication update. By default, it will check for any app updates every 30 days, but you can also force the app update or change its frequency from the Management tab on the left, where you should see the Updates section:

Reader updates

For the "Update offline" option, it will ask you to close the Reader, then you can follow the on-screen instructions.

Standalone applications (prior to 2017)

Here is how to see what update version you currently have installed:

  • Open your application and check in the Header;
  • There should be an update number next to the product name and version, such as AM2 in the example below:

    Product update

You can force the application to check for updates by going to the Tools menu, and selecting "Check for updates..."

  • At this point, there can be three outcomes, outlined by a message appearing in the application header:
    • "The product was updated", meaning it was able to retrieve the latest update and apply it;
    • "The product is already up to date", meaning no new update is currently available;
    • "Failed to download the update", which indicates you may need to enter proxy credentials to access the Internet from the application, or you need to do a manual / offline update: refer to the Offline Update instructions article.