**This article is only for the legacy applications (released before 2017).

For the IATA Reader, refer to the Product update instructions article, under the "IATA Reader publications" section.

If you receive a "Failed to check for updates" or "Failed to download update" error message when using the "Check for updates" option found under the Tools menu, you can try to perform a Manual Update instead:

  • Visit IATA's Publication Download Center at: https://cargo-download.iata.org 
  • On the left side, select Download an Update:
    Download an update
  • Choose an update in the list. Enter your product key, and your email address. Click Validate:

    Choose an update

  • A link to the offline update file will be delivered.
    **Note**: If this is for the ADRM, you will receive an executable file (.EXE) instead: simply run the file and follow the instructions.
  • Otherwise save the update (.ZIP) file to your computer. Do not extract the contents of the ZIP file.
  • Open the IATA application Control Panel:
    Start menu > Programs > IATA > IATA Product Name > Tools > Control Panel

  • In the "Updates" tab, click "Offline update":

    Offline udpate

  • Click on "Locate update package", go to the folder where the ZIP file was saved, and select the package file:

    Locate update package

  • This should complete the offline update process.