STEP 1: Download and install the IATA Reader


  1. You need the IATA Reader application to access the IATA publications. If you don’t have it installed already, you can download it from this link:
  2. When downloading the file, you may get a security warning. If this is the case, select Keep.

  3. Double-click the file and the IATA Reader will begin installing. This may take a few minutes depending on your system.

  4. Choose Next to continue the installation, then read and accept the terms of the license agreement:


  5. Continue the installation by clicking on Next when needed, until you can click the Finish button.

  6. Click the IATA Reader shortcut on your desktop. You may get a quick message while it downloads the Library File, which contains the list of publications.

  7. The IATA Reader should open in “My Library”. The publications you see here are not installed initially, but they can be added if you have a valid product key. The publications added to the library will have a checkmark in the top right corner.

  8. To add your purchased publication, see the next section.

STEP 2: Add your IATA Publication

**Please note that you need to install the IATA Reader first. If you haven’t already, follow the instructions above.

  1. To download your publication from the IATA Reader, select "Add Publications" on the left, then "Download…"


  2. Enter your product key then click "Download". This will download and add the publication to My Library:

    If you get an error message at this step, your local security (firewall / proxy server) may be blocking the download and it may be easier download and add the publication module manually. Please refer to the next section Manual download.
  3. In My Library, enable the option to “View only available” at the top. Only your added publications will appear:


  4. Double-click the publication tile to open it. This will start the activation process. You will need to read and accept the End User License Agreement to continue.


  5. Click Next, then enter your email address (twice to verify) and click Next again.


  6. On the next screen, specify if you know whether your network needs special proxy credentials to access the Internet. Otherwise just click Next.


  7. Click Next until you see “Ready for Activation” and select “Activate”.


  8. Select the first option “Activate the [publication name] now”.


  9. Enter your product key, which you can find in the original email, and the publication should open.


Manual download method

  1. Go to our Download Center (

  2. Select the appropriate publication from the list.
    **Make sure you select the same language version that you purchased!

  3. Enter your product key.

  4. Enter the email address where to send the download link


  5. You will receive a download link for the publication module (.mirdoc file), which should come from the address “”.
    **If you don't receive this email shortly after requesting the download link, make sure it hasn't been blocked by your company's spam filters. Your system administrator will be able to check the filters and whitelist the address above, and unblock the emails that were filtered.

  6. Click the download link and save the “.mirdoc” file to your computer.

  7. Double-click the file to add it to your IATA Reader library. This will start the product key activation process: simply follow the instructions, or refer to the above instructions (STEP 2, item 5).

**Please note that once the document is added to the library and the product key has been activated, you will not need the .mirdoc file on this computer anymore, as the document must be accessed directly from the IATA Reader.


Once you added the publication to the IATA Reader library, you can access it by clicking My Library on the left. Make sure you toggle the [View only available] option to only see the publications you own.

The following icons appear on the right side of each publication tile:

This will take you to the product description page on our website.

This will open the publication inside the Reader. You can also double-click on the panel to open it.

This will delete the publication and all related files. If you do this you will lose all Annotations you may have personally added. Be careful!

Control panel
This will open the product’s Control Panel, from where you can see the current version, install folder, product key, Proxy Server and Floating License information.

Update available
This will only appear if an update is available for a publication. The next time you open the document it will prompt you to update it automatically.


On the top left of the IATA Reader you will find a few buttons that will help you navigate the publication:

Click this to toggle between the current document and the Library, from where you can also access the menus and options.

This is the Copy command (CTRL-C).

The Find command (CTRL-F) is to find words found on the currently displayed page.

The Previous and Next commands are to jump back to the previous page you consulted, or forward to where you were.

Reset Layout
The Reset Layout button is for grids. If you change a grid’s display order or use the filters, you can use this command to restore the grid to its original layout.


Depending on the publication, you may find additional menus to help you navigate and personalize the displayed content. After opening your publication, you may see the menu items below. Selecting one will expand the associated ribbon:

Additional menus

If you want a ribbon to remain visible, right-click it, and uncheck the “Minimize the Ribbon” option:

Minimize the ribbon

Document Ribbon

Document ribbon

The Document Ribbon may not be available depending on the publication.

You can toggle the mouse behavior between Normal and Select Text modes, as well as switch between Continuous View, Single Page View or Two Page View, along with the Zoom commands found on most eReaders. Finally found here are the navigation arrows.

Search Ribbon

Search ribbon

The Search Ribbon contains standard search functions which are self-explanatory.

Annotations Ribbon

Annotations ribbon

The Annotation Ribbon allows users to add Text Notes, Shapes, Lines and Arrows, Highlights or even file attachments to the publication. It also lets you share any of those annotations between users (using the *.AXS file format).

Splitting your screen between multiple publications

With the IATA Reader you can open multiple publications (or the same publication multiple times) then split your display area between them. When you open multiple publications, each one gets a tab like in the screenshot below:

Multiple tabs

If you need to consult two publications without having to constantly switch between them, you can drag one tab to the middle of the screen, and you will see anchor placements in the middle:

The example below shows two publications being placed side by side:

Anchoring to the right

Split screen

Whenever you want to remove a publication from the split view, drag the single publication tab back to the main tab area:

Removing from anchor wheel



Network / Proxy settings


If your network requires special proxy settings to access the Internet, you will have to add this information in the Proxy panel. Ask your IT department for the proxy details if this is required.

To access the Proxy panel, go to Management on the left; the Network section is the first that appears:

Network tab

If you are not sure, check the “Detect Proxy” setting and the IATA Reader will try to detect the system settings and apply them here. This may or may not work, depending on your network configuration.

You can also ask your system administrator or IT department to manually enter the proxy parameters, by clicking the button "Set proxy parameters…"

Proxy parameters

Publication Update

When an update is available for a publication, a green arrow will appear on the lower right of the product panel in My Library:

Update icon

When you open the publication, you will be prompted if you want to update the product now or later.

Update available

Choosing “Download and Install” will start the update process, after which the updated publication will open. If you choose “Do not update at this time” the publication will open without the updated content. You can always update it later.

If you get an error message when attempting to update the publication, you may have local security blocking the automatic download (firewall / proxy credentials required). The following sites are contacted during the Download / Update process, and you can add exceptions to the firewall to allow communication:


If this is not possible, it may be easier to request a download link for the publication module (.mirdoc file), as per the instructions below:

  • Go to our Download Center (
  • Under Step 2, select the purchased document from the list, enter your product key and email address, and you will receive a download link for a .mirdoc file.
    Choose a document
  • Double-click the .mirdoc file you just downloaded, and it will ask you if you want to overwrite the current publication: select Yes.

Moving your publication to a new computer

If you wish to transfer the product to another computer, you will need to first deactivate the product key before you can activate it again.

You can deactivate individual publications from the Library:

  • Go to the Library section on the left;
  • Make sure the “View only available” option is toggled on;
  • On the product you want to deactivate, click on the Options icon;
    Control panel icon 
  • This will bring the product’s Control Panel;
  • Go to the Activation tab, and select “Deactivate Online”.

  • Alternatively, you can also remove the publication from the library (trashcan icon) and it will also attempt to deactivate the product key.

Once the deactivation is complete, you will be able to reactivate the product on the new computer.