You may get the error message below when starting the end-user application in a Floating License setup:

"License error - Application could not obtain a license to run from the server: Connection to the server failed"

This could be caused by a few things: 

  • The floating license service is not running on the server, or the end-user client is missing the configuration file;
  • There is a communication problem between server and client (TCP port, firewall, proxy server);
  • The floating license server has become deactivated due to a hardware ID change on the server, or after planned maintenance.

First, verify whether the floating license server service is currently running on the host machine

  • Go to Start > Run and type "services.msc"
  • Locate the service "PRODUCT floating license server" (example: Dangerous Goods Regulations floating license server)
  • If it is not currently Started, right-click it and select "Start"
  • If you do not see this service, make sure that you installed and activated the floating license server (ActivateTFSServer.bat and InstallTFSServer.bat commands). Please refer to the install instructions.

Second, verify the client's ###config.ini file is present and has the correct server name

  • Check the user's local profile for the ###config.inifile (e.g.: DGRconfig.ini)
    • The local user profile folder is:   C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\IATA\Reader\\Library\PRODUCT NAME
  • In this file, make sure the UseFLS value is set to true.
  • Also make sure the FLSIP value is set to the server name, its IP address or the network name (FQDN).

Third, verify that there is an open port between the server and the client

  • In the ###config.ini file in the client install folder, make sure the FLSPort value is set to the same value as the <bind port> attribute found in the TurboFloatServer-config.xml file, which is located in the server's install folder
  • Make sure that this port is also open on the firewall.

The floating license server is installed on a virtual machine

  • If the floating license server was installed on a VM, and the VM was restarted, updated or changed recently, then the hardware ID may have also changed, which deactivates the product key.
  • Please contact IATA via the Customer Portal. Include the server log file "####-tfs.log.txt" (e.g.: DGREN61-tfs.log.txt) if possible, as well as your floating license product key.
  • By default, the log file is found in the floating license install folder on the server, but you may have changed its location and name in TurboFloatServer-config.xml
  • We will contact you with further instructions.