If you get this error when opening the end-user client, refer to the following steps:

Verify that the License Server service is running

  1. From the Start menu, Run Services.msc;

  2. Locate the floating license server service; it should start with the actual publication’s names
    e.g.: Dangerous Goods Regulations 58th edition floating license server

  3. If the service doesn’t show as ‘Started’ in the Status column, right click the service and select ‘Start’.

  4. If you can’t see the service at all, make sure the License Server service is installed
    Refer to Floating License - Quick Manual Setup Guide

Make sure the end-user client is installed correctly

  • If the client is installed on the end user computer, there should be a shortcut to the application (ex: DGR 58th (2017)) on the desktop;

  • The default installation folder is:
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\IATA\IATA Application Name\

  • If the client was installed with elevated / administrator permissions, then the default installation folder may be:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\IATA\IATA Application Name\

Check the line of sight between client and server

  1. In the license server folder, the TurboFloatServer-config.xml file has the bind port value set to 13, or some other chosen port:
    Example: <bind port="13"/>

  2. In the config.ini file in the client install folder, the port must match:
    Example: FLSPort = 13

  3. In the config.ini file, the IP or FQDN of the license server machine must be set:
    Example: FLSIP =
    Example: FLSIP = server.domain.com

  4. All firewall layers between the client-side application and the license server should allow traffic over the TCP port indicated in both the TurboFloatServer-config.xml and config.ini files.

Check the TFS-LOG.TXT file for errors

  • The folder where this file is stored should be indicated in the TurboFloatServer-config.xml file, under the <log file> attribute.

  • Each entry in the log file is time-stamped, and should be detailed enough to identify any problem encountered during the activation process.

  • If you ever require assistance from the Publications Support team, please provide this log file as it may prove useful to locate the issue.