If you already installed the IATA Reader, but are unable to open it or add your publication module (.mirdoc file) to the library due to a Missing Short error message (see image below), it may be because your local security software is blocking the IATA Reader (MIRAppo.exe) application.

In this screenshot, we see the "IATA Reader v1.0" shortcut is present on the desktop (seemingly installed), but the IATA icon has changed to the default "missing shortcut" icon.
The file association to the .mirdoc extension (LBSG EN 5th) is still there, but it can't find the application file "MIRAppo.exe" to open it.

You may have malware protection software deleting the application file when it is accessed. You will need to contact your system administrator or IT department to let the application run on your system (i.e.: whitelist it).

This file can reside in one of two folders:

  • If you installed the IATA Reader for the Current User only, the file "MIRAppo.exe" will be in the folder below, where "username" is normally the current user account name:
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\IATA\IATA Reader v1.0

  • If you installed the IATA Reader for All Users (as an administrator), the file "MIRAppo.exe" will be in the folder below:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\IATA\IATA Reader v1.0

**You may also need to whitelist the activation processes (TurboActivate.exe and TurboActivate.dll) in the same fashion if you are unable to activate the product key.

Once the application has been whitelisted, you will need to re-install the IATA Reader, which can be done in two ways:

  • Run the installer file again, and confirm you want to overwrite any existing files
  • Repair the IATA Reader :
    • Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and features
    • Select IATA Reader v1.0 and click on Change / Repair in the toolbar.