If you purchased many IATA licenses (product keys) that you want to distribute to different users in your office, you may find the original download link can expire after some time.

Instead of forwarding the same original email to all users requiring a product key, you can use the template below instead. This will give each user instructions on how to get their own download link, when they are ready to install it. You would need to replace the two red fields (Activity Number and Product Key) with the appropriate information, found in the email received after your IATA purchase:


Starting this year, the new IATA publications can only be opened with the IATA Reader application.

STEP 1: Get the IATA Reader (application)

If you don’t have it installed already, you can request a download link for the IATA Reader application from the IATA Download Center:

  1. Go to https://pubdownload.iata.org

  2. You will receive a download link for the installer file.

  3. Under Step 1, enter your email address and click on “Get download link.

  4. Run the IATA Reader installer.

STEP 2: Get the IATA publication (document)

You can get a download link to your publication from the IATA Download Center:

  1. Go to https://pubdownload.iata.org
  2. Choose a product: [Activity Number]
  3. Enter your product key: [Product Key]
  4. Enter your email address

If you don't receive the download link by email in the following minutes, please make sure it hasn't been sent to the Spam folder. The email should come from "noreply@cargo-download.iata.org". You may need to ask the system administrator to whitelist this address if you don’t receive the download link email.