If you get the error message below when trying to activate your product key, it means you are trying to activate the local client instead of the floating license:

"Activation Error. You cannot use this product key with TurboActivate. The key is for TurboFloat only."

In a floating license setup, only the floating license server requires activation, while the end-user clients do not: instead they get a lease from the floating license server when a user opens the publication.

If you get the error above, please check the following items:

- Did you activate the product key and install the floating license service on the server?

>The DOS commands: "ActivateTFSServer.bat" and "InstallTFSServer.bat" are both found in the folder where you extracted the files initially

- Did you also copy the file ###config.ini (e.g.: DGRconfig.ini) into the user's local profile folder?

>You can find this file in the floating license folder, under the subfolder "Client.files"

>> The local profile folder is "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\IATA\Reader\\Library\PRODUCT"   where PRODUCT is the publication (e.g.: ...\DGR EN 59th)

- Does the file ###config.ini contain the correct information?

> You need the following information for the floating license to work:

UseFLS = true   <- this tells the application it is a floating license setup
FLSIP = server name, or server IP address, or server FQDN
FLSPort = TCP port (the same needs to be in the server's TurboFloatServer-config.xml under <bind port>)
FLSKey = your product key
FLSTimeout = 30 (leave as is)

You can refer to the support article "Floating License - Quick Manual Setup Guide" document, found here: