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Installation and configuration

How to install a Floating License and how to configure individual clients

Floating License - Quick Manual Setup Guide
1) Move the license server files in an install folder on the host server computer.   2) Do one of the following: If on a 32bit OS, rename the file Turb...
Fri, 21 Jul, 2017 at 2:05 PM
Offline activation instructions for the license server
If your license server has no outbound communication with Internet, you will have to perform a manual / offline activation to activate the product key. (If ...
Wed, 26 Jul, 2017 at 10:22 AM
Application Update setup
The auto update feature is controlled through the config.ini file. The config.ini file is placed in each end user application install folder. The file c...
Wed, 26 Jul, 2017 at 12:10 PM
License error: Application could not obtain a license from the server
If you get this error when opening the end-user client, refer to the following steps: Verify that the License Server service is running From the Start ...
Tue, 8 Aug, 2017 at 10:38 AM
Facilitating Enterprise Deployment of the IATA Reader
It is possible to do a silent installation of the IATA Reader with SCCM or other deployment tools like group policy and scripts. In your floating licens...
Thu, 10 May, 2018 at 2:10 PM
Offline Deactivation instructions for the license server
Offline Deactivation: 1. Stop the license server service. 2. Open an admin cmd window. 3. Navigate (cd) to the license server install folder. To Navigat...
Tue, 7 Aug, 2018 at 3:27 PM
Adding a new client to a running Floating License server
Publications from 2017 or later (like DGR 60th ): On the new client computer you need to download and install the IATA Reader software. The IATA Reader in...
Fri, 10 Jan, 2020 at 3:50 PM